Afternoon Aural: Kevin Johansen
In honor of our interview with Sebastian Cordoba, we decided to post a video of an Argentinean pop-star. Unfortunately, we don’t know that much about Argentina’s music scene. We did a little digging and came across this Kevin Johansen video called, “Desde que te perdí” (“Ever Since I Lost You”).

Now, we chose this video for a few reasons. First, Johansen’s American by birth. That’s right: the little scamp was born in Alaska and lived in the Bay Area before moving to his mother’s homeland. Muy interesante, no? The second reason we chose this video is that it features marionettes – we think marionettes are cool and, so, it helped sway our decision. The third and final reason is that we really felt the song. Sure, we may not understand everything, we’re picking up what Johansen’s laying down. And, really, isn’t that what good music’s all about? Emotion?

No? Looking for something a little more poppy? Okay, well, we’ll get you a bonus aural later this afternoon. You’re just going to have to wait.