Afternoon Aural: Naommon
Popster Naommon may be France’s answer to Mika. Only darker, edgier and – dare we say? – better? We discovered the young buck over at Arjan Writes, where we learned oodles about the poppy funkster Naommon’s new album, such as:

The androgynous singer first appeared on the French talent show Popstars that is similar to MTV’s Making The Band. After his run on the show, he met up hot electro producers Christophe Dallaca and Stéphane Deschezeaux (Kiko & Gino) and recorded several singles on International Deejay Gigolo Records, including “Good Sluts Factory” and “Jack The Box.”

“Good Sluts Factory”? We’re in love already! Although, we’re a bit turned off by “Jack The Box”. “Jack The Prick” would have sounded way better.

Check out Naommon’s single, “Allnighter,” from his debut of the same name. The album’s available now on iTunes, but those who like to make an informed decision should check out his MySpace page, especially “Hurry Up”. Also, you guys may want to check out’s story on the noisemaker.