Afternoon Aural: Penelope Jones f. Mya
We found this video from Motown Records’ Penelope Jones by accident. It’s such a beautiful day here in New York, we wanted something catchy and light. Then, we started thinking about those gay flamingos and thought of the song song, “Celebration” from Kool and the Gang. Our aural associates deemed it “cheesy”, which we thought to be part of the fun. But, we conceded and, by chance, clicked on the link to Mya’s “Lock You Down”. It kind of stinks, but we like some of her old singles, so we went on a little Mya mission, you could say.

Among the lyrical list, we found this fresh video from someone named “Penelope Jones’ single “No Matter What They Say”, featuring Mya’s sonic skills. Always ones to try something new, we gave it a little listen. It’s not quite “Celebration”, but it’s certainly got its charm. We love any girl who describes herself as “ride ‘n die”.

(Oh, and we also included “Celebration”, after the jump.)