Afternoon Aural: Roz Bell

Arjan of Arjan Writes recently wrote about Roz Bell, a Canadian-born pop singer. Arjan’s review opens thus: Is the gray and cold getting you a little down today?” We thought, “Yeah, a bit” and decided to trust Arjan’s prescription: “Roz Bell has just right amount of sunshine and handclaps to make it all a little better.”

Guess what? Arjan’s write – er – right! Bell’s “Papercut” does make us feel better, but only a little. While the rhythm’s infectious and, yes, the hand claps distract from life’s woes, we’re not sure where we stand on Bell’s voice. It’s a bit too strained. “Like a fake Sting,” says Cord Jefferson of Mollygood – and we totally agree.

Also, the random “Whoa!” exclamations irk us a bit. Still, we walked away feeling slightly elevated. Hopefully your reaction will either equal or surpass our own.