Afternoon Aural: Sondre Lerche
Norwegian crooner Sondre Lerche‘s been playing guitar since before he hit puberty. Looking at him you’d think it hadn’t quite happened yet, but don’t be fooled by his boyish good looks – this kids got a voice that drips with such emotion that one can’t help but swoon.

Growing up in the 80s, his work’s certainly influenced by a certain generation of pop sensibility, but also harks back to a by-gone era when emotion trumped musical tricks. That’s not to say he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s garnered rave reviews for his last three albums, 2001’s Face Down, Two-Way Monologue from 2004 and last year’s Duper Sessions. Yet, he still remains largely unknown.

Something tells us that’ll change with next year’s Phantom Punch. Start getting excited now with this titular single from Two-Way Monologue.