Afternoon Aural: Special Spanish Scandal Edition!
American IdolerSanjaya Malakar may have dodged gay rumors, but Spanish Fame Academy graduate Daniel Zueras has taking his hit like a champ. In fact, he’s been fueling the fire – in video form, of course.

The video for the singer’s first single, “No Quiero Enamorarme (I Don’t Want To Fall In Love)”, features Zueras getting more than a little friendly with a hetero couple. And all that sexual steam – must be that shower scene – has some YouTube patrons steaming. Typically Spanish reports:

The bisexual and steamy nature of the video for the first single from Daniel Zueras has upset some of the users of YouTube who have flagged the content as inappropriate.

Record company Vale Music posted the video on the site and are keen to change the good boy image of the singer…

Don’t worry, Vale Music, we’re not offended. In fact, we’d like to request more videos just like this one. Only in English.


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  • el polacko

    think we can get chris and blake to re-enact this video ??

  • Michael

    El Polacko…I LOVE how you think…..chris and blake would be very hot together in that video…just the two of them… need for the female…my gaydar seems to go off the chargs with chris and blake…unless its my wishdar…but I wouldn’t doubt if they are Gay…well there is always wishing and hoping:) and a video of just the two of them…ooh la la! mmmm and WOOF!!

  • dan

    that is the best video ever in the history of all videos…i have no idea who chris and blake are in the posts above…but whatever guys…two guys and a girl are hotter than deep fried jalapenos in my book…wow…

  • Ash

    That video was delicious.

  • LittleBigChris

    Wow, that was hot. And refreshing to see. I love that they thought this concept up and put the sex out there so blatantly. Even the most daring solo artist might only stand in the background and observe — I like this guy for jumping into the 3way. YUM.

  • Rick

    Given that the guy in the couple is cheerfully reciprocating Daniel’s attentions, I’d hardly describe them as “hetero”.

  • redgalaxoid

    That video was soo hot. I can’t believe that guy dared to do it. Although to be fair, the lyrics are really cheesy…and the video (as hot as it is) is kinda boring once you get past the whole 3-way thing.

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