Afternoon Aural: The Isley Brothers feat. R. Kelly
2001’s “Contagious” continued The (remaining) Isley Brothers’ not-so-storied collaboration with that old pisser, R. Kelly. The boys hadn’t released such an astonishingly captivating track since their last – and first – tag team, “Down Low (Nobody Has To Know)”. Rather than explaining the awe-inspiring awesomeness of this track, we’ll offer you the second stanza of the epic hip-hopera:

It’s 2 a.m., just gettin’ in, about to check my message
No one has called but my homies and some bill collectors
Cellular rings, somebody wants to borrow money
I two-way her, she don’t hit me back, something is funny

R. Kelly gets really into his role as the home wrecking, titular contagion.