Afternoon Aural: The Temptations
Who can resist a little “My Girl” from The Temptations? Sure, it’s a bit overplayed (they named a movie after it – twice!), but you can’t deny it’s feel good optimism. Even if you don’t have “so much honey” of your own, you’ve got the month of May. That’s something to feel good about.

Plus, this is a 1965 performance! How many of you have seen a video of Temptations performance from 1965? Didn’t think so. Give yourself 2:38 and then you can say you have. That’s not a good feeling. That’s a great feeling. And their suits are rad.

(PS: A little somethin’ somethin’ after the jump. Favorite part – around 1:33. God bless Anna Chlumsky.)
And it all ended so tragically.