Afternoon Delight: Lance Lamar
We got mixed reactions for Wednesday’s Morning Goods, Lance Lamar. Such specimens are an acquired taste. Regardless of your opinion, we still think you’ll enjoy this video from the So Gay TV of him doing a photoshoot, yakking about his career, and strutting around in a bathing suit.

Also, the porny music reminds us of a sex club we went to…only more seedy.

After Lance, the host shoots the shit with “straight” go-go boys whom people think are gay. Hmmm, we’re skeptical. Even if every one of these men are straight, they’ve definitely gotten sucked off by a man. And that’s the very least.

[It’s a pretty boring converation, actually, and cuts off mid-sentence, but it’s attached to Lance and we’re not tech-savvy enough to snip it off. Sorry.]