AG Mukasey Reinstates Gay Pride At DOJ

One of the president’s men has gone against him!

Freshly appointed Attorney General Michael Mukasey today lifted a John Ashcroft era edict against the Department of Justice’s gay pride group. From The Washington Post:

Mukasey informed leaders of DOJ Pride last week that the department would give it the same rights as all other DOJ employee organizations, said the group’s president, Chris Hook. In a statement, Mukasey said the department will “foster an environment in which diversity is valued, understood and sought” and maintain “an environment that’s free of discrimination.”

DOJ Pride and its 110 members had been barred from holding an annual Gay and Lesbian Pride Month celebration since 2003, when then-Attorney General John D. Ashcroft told the group that the Bush administration observed an unwritten policy of not sponsoring events without a presidential proclamation, Hook said.

DOJ Pride can flourish with free use of the Department’s bulletin board and display easels! Who knew justice was so elementary!