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AI art based on the phrase “gay rights” is hilariously telling

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Reddit users are having a devil of a time with artwork that artificial intelligence created with the phrase “gay rights” as a prompt.

The result shows a demonic face with horn-like protrusions and glowing yellow eyes. So yes, it looks like a depiction of Satan. Oh, but there’s a rainbow in the background, so it’s like the prompt might as well have been, “The Devil, but make him an LGBTQ ally.”

The Reddit user who shared this artwork on the r/lgbt forum—before moderators removed the post, that is—said it was the work of the AI program Midjourney, the beta version of which opened to the public in July, according to PCWorld.

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And commenters blame humans, not the AI, for the hellish depiction of gay rights. “This says so much about our society,” one wrote.

“I spot an AI programmed with bias, either intentional or not,” said another. “Just a good example.”

And a third commenter said that with AI, “what you yell the loudest is what it repeats … and the lowest are the loudest.”

Other Reddit users, though, appreciated the AI’s handiwork. “Personally, I love the vibe,” one wrote.

“Hail Gay Satan,” said someone else.

“Willem Dafoe Devil says gay rights,” another user added.

Or how about this quip from the comment section: “Gay people go to hell… of a party.”

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And yet more Reddit users aren’t worried about a one-way ticket to hell, observing that Satan is “hotter anyway” and that he’s “the ultimate gay rights activist [because] he openly accepts us into his domain.”

And someone else said, “If only straight people go to heaven, I don’t want to go there.”

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