AIDS Money Heads South


In an effort to distribute AIDS funding more evenly, a House committee has approved a spending bill that will send more money to the rural South. While more urban states balk at the idea, insisting that they need more money, the House has rightly deemed the AIDS crisis to be more pervasive than many acknowledge, 365 Gay reports.

The $2.1 billion program shifts its focus from simply patients with full blown AIDS to people who are simply infected with HIV, a move that will hopefully help stem the spread of the virus in areas where it’s just taking hold.

While the funding is undoubtedly needed, politicians from wealthier states maintain that the government should allocate more money nationally, rather than picking and choosing where it sends the dough. For changes to take hold, however, the bill must still pass through Congress.

We’re torn on this issue. While obviously the government needs to remember its citizens in more rural areas, there is the danger of patients in places like New York and Los Angeles losing out. So, readers, we want to know: where do you stand on this issue?