Aiken vs Sawyer

Watch Aiken totally fag out when Sawyer asks him about his sexuality. Not only that, but he admits getting caught up in the Jennifer Aniston/Angelina Jolie battle over Brad Pitt. We’ll give you one guess why.

Happy Friday, by the way.

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  • free2be

    Diane Sawyer is rude.
    She is a tabloid reporter pretending to be insightful.

  • trap_door

    what a homo.

  • Jerry

    The questions may be less than subtle and less than appropriate, but Saywer is doubtless doing that Oprah thing of asking the questions she thinks her audience wants answered. If that’s tabloidism, well, you follow the analogy.

  • Ryan

    The thing that bothers me is he takes offense to being questioned whether or not he’s gay. So, taking that to its logical conclusion, he thinks being gay of offensive.

    If he believes in tolerance, as he said towards the end of the interview, then he shouldn’t be offended by being asked whether or not he’s gay.

    I think one of the important things gay people can do, as a movement, is to stop viewing “are you gay?” as a particularly rude question. If being gay is okay, then it’s not a rude question. Eventually, if GLBT causes are advanced, the question won’t be anymore uncomfortable than “what’s your favorite color?” Because, ultimately, that’s about as offensive as “are you gay?” is to me.

    Yes, I’m gay – and my favorite color is blue.

  • Linc

    He isn’t saying that being gay is rude. He’s saying gay or straight – too much attention is paid to things that shouldn’t matter. He’s saying that it’s rude to feel the need to know the intimate details of a celebrity’s life. He has stated before that he is straight – a number of times. No one believed him. He’s saying – that’s it. What’s the point in continuing to try to set the record “straight”. People believe what they want to believe. I applaud him for taking this stand. And yes, I’m gay and my favorite color is green.

  • Cee

    Clay has said MANY times that he is not gay (See the Rolling Stone interview for instance). No one listened then. Why would they listen now? Nothing changed. And Clay is tired of answering the same question over and over, when no one believes him anyway.

    He stated that the tabloid stories were lies and “outrageous fabrications”. There is not one other thing that indicates that he is anything other than what he has said that he is.

    So he is done with answering the same question over and over and over and over and over.

    You are going to believe what you are going to believe, in spite of what he says anyway.

  • Lisa Frank

    His name is Queenie.

  • Lorenzo

    this topic is getting really tired who cares whether he’ s straight or gay noneone in here is dating him so what does it matter. soon someone else will come along and be thrust into the spotlight and the same question will be asked of him and this guy will be forgotten just like everyone else before him.

  • Classic

    Carol…Why is it women always come to Clay’s rescue. As far as I am concerned I don’t want his nelly ass on our team. Let the straights have him. In fact we will trade Clay in return for Tim McGraw…woof.

    …and I am WAY Gay and Proud and my favorite color is green also!

  • Carol

    Classic – maybe it’s because women are smarter than men? Just kidding.

    Seriously, though, it seems that straight men don’t want anything to do with Aiken for the fear of catching “the gay”, and gay men are desperate to force him out of the closet, and won’t take no for an answer. Meanwhile, women simply love his voice, swoon over his looks, and support his charitable causes.

  • Lorenzo

    swoon over his looks…. that’s hilarious

  • gay gayerson

    Carol, trust us, we gays dont want him. He’s one of the most unnattractive men I think any of us have ever seen, and he’s very effeminate, which most gay men find repellent.

    The issue is that he is, in fact, gay. He is lying thru his teeth to keep parting you with your money.

  • Carol

    gay gayerson – did you sleep with him? Why is it that his friends and everyone else who knows him says that he is straight, and some yet random gays on the Internet insist that they know better?

    And as far as gays not wanting Aiken, could you please pass that message to Perez Hilton, Billy Masters, The Advocate, and the rest of the gay media that has been after him for the last 3 years? Because it sure looks to me like they cannot wait to stick their dicks up his ass.

    Lorenzo – I happen to find Clay Aiken very handsome and sexy. If you don’t, that’s perfectly understandable, but it does not make your opinion any more valid than mine.

  • Lorenzo

    carol i understand that but i just found it funny

  • jack e. jett

    GLAAD will end up giving him the homo of the year award if he agrees to show up at one of their events.
    you can bet your sweet aikin ass on that.

    jack jett

  • leeo

    I am really tired of people thinking being gay is absolutely normal! Well it is not! I feel sad for those who feel that there is no way out of their fears and insecurities except to try and convince themselves and the world that this must be normal! When in actually fact they have a serious fear of having a normal relationship with the opposite sex as God intended! Really what should of been happening for all those concerned is counselling and support to help them overcome those fears so that they could be healthy human beings living a fulling life as God ment it to be. I really feel sad that more and more people are deceived into thinking this is a normal way of life when actually they are being robbed and living this lie! It is just so sad!

  • PJ

    Well, I’m gay, my favorite color is blue (not sure why that’s important…LOL) and I do happen to think that Clay Aiken is very attractive and I do like him not just because, as Carol put it ever so eloquently, I “cannot wait to stick my dick in his ass,” but because he seems to be a very nice, attractive and talented man – gay or straight.

    As for the “Are you gay?” question, it is rude. Especially after it has been asked and answered so many times. Sexuality is normal whether it be straight or gay, as long as it involves consenting adults, it’s normal. It’s also private and no one, celebrity or not, should be hounded to make their private life public. If he is gay, it is totally up to him when, where and how to come out.

  • Puckfinn

    To Leeo: Hello crazy! You obviously just posted to get your agitator points for the day.

    To Classic: I’m a woman and I’m not that into Clay. ‘Course I’m also a big ole lezzie so that may have something to do with it. Though I agree with you, I do not want him on the team.

    To Carol: He didn’t win American Idol for a reason. That reason was his voice. I’m not a supporter of any of his causes.

  • Illuman23


    Spoken like a true Ex-Gay. Have fun sexin’ your wife, while thinking of the Gaykin!

  • El

    Clay is right about nobody believing him. If he was gay, I think he would admit it. However, If he is not gay, and says….yet again…..he is straight…then, he will be called a liar. A lot of people would not believe him. I totally agree with his decision to refuse to discuss his sexuality with the world. What he is, what he does, is not my business or your business.

    I think it is sad that people in general are sooooo damn nosey. I say to the people trying to prove that Clay is gay….GET A FREAKIN LIFE!!

    If you want to focus on Clay and what he does, how about all the time and money he puts into helping autistic people. That should be more important than whether he prefers women or men. But I guess it isn’t fun to notice good deeds.

  • Bike

    I have to agree with Clay, it must be annoying to have people always ask you the same question. Especially, when we all know he is gay. It’s now a question of when he will accept being gay and get on with his life; since he is the only one out there that has yet to accept his homosexuality.

  • Quentin

    We shouldn’t be shocked by the things people will say in order to keep the relative safety of their closet. I mean, my goddess, his sexuality is the biggest non-secret ever.

    Also, if we want GLADD to change or at least look at their policy (which has been in line since… what?… the mid 90’s?), we are going to have to say something about it… because I don’t think coming out is the same in every context and to treat them as universal is… problematic. Not to mention they don’t stick to that as closely as their party line, but I digress.

  • goony

    This guy is clearly gay. How could anyone think he is straight?

  • Linc

    As a gay man who spent his teens in the closet and didn’t come out until college – I’m just curious how Bike and goony are so sure Clay is gay. He says he’s not. He could be lying. He could be in denial. He could be telling the truth. For me, I struggled. I’m sure there are others here who did as well. When I made a decision to come out to my family-I made the decision. I wonder what would have happened to me had someone made that decision for me. I lived in Raleigh for 18 years before moving to Austin last year. I have been with my partner for 7 years. Not once in Raleigh did I ever encounter Clay Aiken at any gay bars – never once did I ever meet anyone who had any encounter with him – flirtation, sexual, nothing. Now maybe Clay is gay and in denial and isn’t a part of the gay scene in Raleigh. If he is – then I hope he finds a way to come out on his terms. If he’s not in denial – then just maybe he knows his own sexual orientation better than a bunch of queers on the internet. Obviously my gaydar is severely fucked up. Maybe I’m not gay after all – I’d better tell my partner.

  • Matthew Rettenmund

    If anyone believes Clay is straight, they are deluded.
    Whether or not he’s gay shouldn’t matter as far as whether or not you find him hot or a good singer.
    However, saying “it doesn’t MATTTTTER!” in general is pointless. If whether or not someone is gay doesn’t matter…what does? Does a famous person’s…religion matter? His or her gender? Politics? Family stories? Hetero dating history? Fashion sense? Answer to the next question? If “personal” stuff does not matter, then all you’re left with is their music, their writing, their artistic output—and if you can find me one person alive who, upon being moved by or tickled by or intrigued by a piece of high or low art, DOESN’T care to know ANYTHING personal about the artist behind it, I’ll show you a Scottish terrier. If we remove all personal items from a famous person’s stardom, then there is no reason to have stars. We’ll just have music and movies and TV shows coming out anonymously.
    Does NOT work that way.
    The reason people say “it doesn’t matter” is because it totally matters—sexuality is a powerful and a major insight into a person, into any artist.

  • Martini-boy

    I agree with Ryan on the part that “Are you gay?” should not be an offensive/ intrusive question. It’s akin to getting a defensive response when you ask a rather conservative straight person whether or not he/she is straight. The question should indeed be taken with good humour.

    But then again, I can also understand Clay’s reaction. Imagine how you would feel (and I have been in this position a number of times) when people constantly come up to you after they find out that you’re gay, and ask “(Is it true that) You’re gay?!”. Having to answer the same question over, and over, and over again does start to annoy you after a while, especially when people make such a big deal out of it even though they ALREADY know the answer…

    That’s not to say that sexuality does not matter. One’s sexually DOES matter – as well as religion, gender, etc – especially if you want to know how to appropriately address a person and be sensitive to that person’s lifestyle/ beliefs/ history, etc when interacting with him/her. Without that kind of information, you might say something absolutely inapprorpiate and offend that person without even knowing it, which is why getting as much history out of a person is always a beneficial thing for everyone involved. Besides, personal histories alway helps bring people closer together… well, more often than not at least… especially if both individuals are receptive to the information.

  • Linc

    I guess the point that seems to be missing – is not that we don’t define ourselves by all these things – sexuality, religion, politics . . . but that if we state we are religious – does that mean that every month we have to report that we are still religious? Does a celebrity owe the public a month by month or week by week response to the same question. Aiken responded in Rolling Stone with humor. He responded in a previous interview with Diane Sawyer. with humor. He’s said in Hollywood you’re either a womanizer or you’re gay . He’s neither. Some people don’t believe that. Fine. But now he’s saying I’ve answered the question – you just won’t believe me so why must I keep answering? For some people there is only one answer they will accept. That’s not the answer he has given. So battering him isn’t going to elicit the response you may want. There are gay role models in all areas of life if I want to find a gay role model. Do I need to drag one kicking and screaming out of a closet he says he isn’t in? I haven’t a clue what’s in his head except what he tells me. I would be presumptuous to define him when he’s perfectly capable of doing it for himself.

    I love Ian McKellan and will see him in anything. Do I like him more because he’s openly gay? Perhaps. But I know shit about him or what he thinks about religion or what his favorite color is.

    Sure I’m interested in things that make someone I admire tick. But when they talk about them – I don’t usually scream at the top of my lungs LIAR.

  • blue

    these comments are very similar to those made about anderson cooper on his fan sites.

  • Ben

    Akin has a smart publisist. He knows that if he came out, he’d lose all the attention.

  • Martini-boy

    Not necessarily, Ben.

    As we have seen with our good friend Mr. Bass, the media attention is pouncing on him even more than before. I think that if he were to come out, there’d be more attention on the lad, just to see HOW MUCH of a homosexual he REALLY is (as if there’s a set standard to go by). The media would go from questioning his sexuality, to monitoring his every move. In the end, the reportes will still be the star vultures they’ve always been.

  • dan

    You little ho-mo-sex-yuls keep yer mitts off our Clay. He is 100 percent strait –and beautiful inside and out. He has more talent than any of those so-called “talented” performers who had to toil for years in obscurity to get where they are.


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