Aiken vs Sawyer


We hate doing this, but we have to take yet another few minutes from our lives and devote them to Clay Aiken. Apparently things got a bit heated during his Good Morning America interview yesterday. A bad-ass bitch through and through, Diane Sawyer went for the jugular straight away, and asked Aiken if he was “ready to come out…”

Pissy and flustered, Aiken replied circularly: “That would not make sense for me to do that.”

Why, Clay? Because you’re not gay or because you’re afraid of alienating your fans?

While we love taking the piss out of young Clay, what we really like about this story is GLAAD‘s response. GLAADer Damon Romine says, “Media speculation about people’s sexual orientation is not something we support. Coming out is a very personal, private decision that needs to be made by the individual.”

Right, GLAAD, but when someone does come out, they’re fair game for your fucking microscope?

Pardon the language, folks, but they’re giving us gas.