Ain’t Nothin’ But T-Shirt Love, Five Days A Week


Don’t get us wrong — we love Dov Charney and everything he’s done at American Apparel. You wouldn’t buy a classic tee anywhere else, if only to support Dov’s legal defense fund (he’s got a few sexual harassment cases to juggle at the moment). But what happens when you want to move one step beyond “classic” but not very close to, say, this?

You turn to MondaytoFriday, the T-shirt line for the anal retentive inclined. They’re also for recovering hipsters, so have faith. The set of five tees, for boys and girls, takes you through a snippet of the color spectrum as you move through the week. Hump day isn’t so bad when you’ve got two more of your favorite shirts on the way, now is it?

And yes, MondaytoFriday might leave out the most important two days of the week: Saturday and Sunday. But you’ve got to find somewhere to fit in all those Threadless tees, don’t ya?

Monday To Friday