Airbnb Has No Tolerance For Homophobic Hosts, Removes User For Evicting Gay Couple

Screen shot 2015-04-30 at 12.58.53 PMTwo men claim they were evicted from their Airbnb rental after the property owner learned they were gay.

Jonathan Wang and his partner Brent (pictured) were in Galveston, TX for a wedding. They booked a two-night stay at the properly for $140 per night.

“This home was very gorgeous,” Wang told ABC13 News.

Their host, however, was anything but.

After unpacking their bags and settling in, the couple headed off to the wedding reception. When they returned later that evening, they ran into the property owner, Heather.

“Heather asked me where my wife was. Who is this person?” Wang recounted to ABC13 News. “I said it was my significant other, Brent.”

The host replied by saying she thought he was bringing his wife.

“I didn’t say that specifically,” Wang reminded her.

And that’s when she told the men to get out, saying they made her “uncomfortable” and that it was “not OK.”

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When the couple tried finding another place to stay, every hotel in the area was booked.

“Everyone was full for the weekend,” he said.

Screen shot 2015-04-30 at 1.00.12 PMAfter a long and stressful search, they were finally able to locate a room for themselves. Afterwards, Wang went back to look at the Airbnb listing. That’s when he discovered a tiny mention towards the bottom of the page that read: “BTW FYI we are ‘straight friendly’ hosts.”

In a phone interview, Heather told ABC13: “I’m completely of my legal realms and morals.”

When asked if she discriminates against gay people, she replied, “That’s none of your business. That’s my private home.”

And that’s when Airbnb stepped in. The company immediately removed Heather’s listing from its website, then issued the following statement:

“We have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination on Airbnb. The host in question has been removed from the site. Airbnb has clear guidelines that a host or a guest may not promote hate or bigotry.”

Airbnb also issued Wang a complete refund and paid for the one night hotel stay he was forced to book at the last minute.

As for Heather, we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before she launches her inevitable GoFundMe campaign.

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