Next Stop: Oz

Airline Going Gay

The friendly skies are about to get a lot gayer.

Air New Zealand executives are planning a one-off Pink Flight from San Francisco to Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras next February. High-flying homos will enjoy some international camp as the crew dons feathered boas, serve pink cocktails and provide a bit of cabaret.

Marketing director Jodi Williams says the airline will give new meaning to “in-seat entertainment” with “gay-friendly movies and contests and different music and things like that.” You know, strobe lights and poppers…

Michael Wilke, whose Commercial Closet staffers advocate gay-friendly companies, seems to approve of the idea. Or, at least, thinks it’s potentially profitable:

They could probably do very well with it. It really sounds like someone put together the idea of what a gay cruise is and just applied that to the air. And even gay cruises don’t feature employees in particular outfits or gay-themed movies.

In addition to camping it up in flight, the airline’s throwing a “Get-Onboard-Girlfriend” party the night before. They’d best be careful, those boys will be up all night and miss the all the gay-themed fun.

So, what’s this gay extravaganza gonna cost queers? About $1000, which actually seems like a pretty sweet deal, except the potentially inane, stereotypical entertainment – and people.