Airline Passengers Take Down Violent Homophobe At Dallas Airport

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 8.49.49 AMHere’s a video that’s been circulating the interwebs from the Dallas Airport.

You’ll see a man (presumably under the influence) approach another man (in the pink shirt) and argue with him about something. We don’t know what happened immediately prior to the video being filmed, but it looks like the guy in pink is taking a cellphone picture of the other man.

The oddest thing is that even though all the other people in the frame begin to pay attention as the conflict is obviously escalating, there’s not a security guard in sight. On second thought, one does walk into the frame, approach the desk, and then leave. All while there is trouble brewing. And this is an airport?

Things finally reach a tipping point and kicks and punches are hurled towards the victim. When asked what the instigator is so upset about, he replies, “Queers is what I’m upset about! This faggot right here!”

He is quickly subdued by other airline passengers, until airport officers finally get to the scene.