Airport Homophobe Identified As McCleish Christmas Benham, May Face No Jail Time For Attack

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 11.40.02 AMIn case you’ve been hiding under a rock since last week and have only just emerged, you should probably get something to eat. Also, you missed this video of a group of airline passengers (and definitely not Paul Rudd) tackling a homophobic aggressor at the Dallas Airport.

Here’s the update:

First things first, the attacker has been identified as one McCleish Christmas Benham, 27, of Shelbyville, Tennessee born 12/17/1986. So much going on already. Birthday is eight days before Christmas, middle name is Christmas. First name is McCleish? McCleish?? And isn’t Shelbyville the rival of Springfield on The Simpsons? 

None of that actually matters, just needed to get it out.

The real story is that he may not face a single day of jail time for his clear-as-day anti-gay hate crime.

He was caught on video saying, “Queers is what I’m upset about! This faggot right here!” before violently attacking someone.

Yet he’s being charged with public intoxication and simple assault, both class-C misdemeanors each punishable by a maximum $500 fine.

In the official police report, the responding officer writes:

“[Victim] told Mr. Benham that the police were on the way and he needed to calm down. [Victim] said Mr. Benham called him a “San Frisco Faggot” and then punched him in his right eye.”

Pete Schulte, an openly gay Dallas criminal defense attorney and former police officer, told the Lone Star Q he was surprised the charges were so light.

We hope that justice catches up with McCleish and his charges are elevated to reflect the nature of his crime.