Airport Intercom Hates Gay People, Loves Bible

Anthony Niedwiecki and Waymon Hudson got an earful after arriving to Fort Lauderdale last week. While waiting for their luggage, the couple of six of years heard what sounded like a Biblical condemnation of homosexuality. Shocked and a bit confused, they boys thought they had imagined it. Until the message played again. South Florida’s NBC6 reports:

A gay couple is asking for an investigation after they claim they heard threatening comments announced over the intercom system at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

“My partner said, ‘Did you hear that?’ And I said, ‘I kind of think I did,'” said Anthony Niedwiecki. “Then about two minutes later we heard it again. ‘A man who lies with a man as if he were lying with a woman shall be subject to death.'”

“It was almost so threatening that I was frightened,” said Waymon Hudson, Niedwiecki’s partner.

Certainly not the kind of talk one would expect from a public airport.

Niedwiecki tells Towleroad:

…We called the airport and after five call transfers (including the sheriff’s department), we got an airport manager. He seemed disinterested and more interested in the exact bible verse than taking care of the problem. He simply said ‘sorry for the inconvenience.’ I sent an email to United/Ted (our airline) because I could not get anyone on the phone. I was told by some person at the airport (during my ‘phone shuffle’ yesterday afternoon) that only airline employees have access to the intercom.

..As of today, I have not heard back from the airport or United. NBC6 news, our local channel, aired a story about this yesterday and today. The airport spokesperson said that anyone could have made the comments, which should give us all pause in a time of terrorism (anyone can use the PA system of an airport?).

Indeed. The fact that airport security can’t regulate who’s roaming about the airport’s back corridors is far scarier than some nutter spouting Biblical verse.