Senator "Politicking"

Airport Prosecutor Takes On “Methodical” Craig

Minneapolis Airport Prosecutor Christopher Renz wants to see Larry Craig go down. In a 43-page petition filed yesterday, Renz blasted Craig’s plea bargain “politicking”. Renz says Craig’s playing games by trying to reverse his disorderly conduct guilty plea. Craig, a Senator from Idaho, took the plea rather than “lewd conduct” for allegedly trolling a toilet for sex.

In his petition, Renz writes:

Until his plea of guilty became public, the defendant did not proclaim any concern, remorse, or regret with having accepted the plea agreement that afforded him the ability to plead guilty to the lesser of the two charges, have a stayed jail sentence and pay a portion of the total fine.

Renz, who discussed the plea with Craig before filing, described Craig as “calm, intelligent and methodical”. He goes on, “At no time during the conversations did the defendant appear to have a tone or sense of urgency, panic or overt emotion.” Craig, it seems, thought he couldn’t be touched.