CT. Church Joins Nigerian Anglicans

Akinola Wins Again

Another one bites the dust. Or, rather, another one deals with the devil.

Trinity Episcopal Church of Bristol, Connecticut has aligned itself with Nigerian Archbishop Peter Akinola and his homo-hating Anglican offshoot, Convocation of Anglicans in North America.

Akinola founded the movement to counteract the Episcopal Church’s increasingly inclusive – and thus “alarmingly” progressive – stance on gays, especially openly gay Bishop Gene Robinson‘s 2003 ascension in New Hampshire.

In a statement following the split, Trinity’s rector, Rev. Donald Helmandollar, echoed Akinola’s conservative views:

We have remained with the Anglican Communion. The Episcopal Church has demonstrated, continues to demonstrate, that they are walking apart from the communion.

Helmandollar’s church now joins a number of Virginia churches who have gone over to the dark side, exasperating the Anglican schism.

Another five Connecticut parishes have been considering the move, as well, especially after they unsuccessfully sued Connecticut Bishop Andrew Smith. News Time Live elaborates:

Trinity and five other parishes had sued Connecticut Bishop Andrew Smith in 2005 seeking several million dollars in damages. They say he violated their civil and property rights after they tried to break away from his authority because he supported the election of Gene Robinson, bishop of New Hampshire. A federal judge dismissed the case last year and the parishes are appealing.

Leaders of the six parishes also brought religious charges against Smith. But last month, a national review committee of the Episcopal Church dismissed the charges.

Obviously the righteous people of Trinity Church think Akinola and company will treat them right. For some reason, however, we doubt it…