Plans On Appointing Allied Anglican In Church's Homeland

Akinola’s Anti-Gay Agenda Heads To England

Nigerian Archbishop Peter Akinola’s Anglican coup continues.

A Nigerian source confirms that the homophobic troublemaker plans on ordaining a so-called “flying bishop” before next year’s Lambeth Conference – the international Anglican Communion’s international meet and greet.

Describing Akinola’s scheme as common knowledge, the anonymous tipster squealed, “It is possible that Archbishop Peter Akinola will have somebody appointed by the next Lambeth Conference in July 2008.” Akinola’s been taking on the Church of England, which heads the Anglican Communion, ever since openly gay Bishop Gene Robinson’s 2003 ascension as New Hampshire’s highest Episcopal official.

In an effort to split the church, Akinola recently appointed Martyn Minns as his American liaison and also persuaded American congregations to join his Global South alliance.

Reacting to the news, Gay Christian Movement’s Reverend Richard Kirker describes Akinola’s latest plot as “consistent” with his ultimate plan: an Anglican schism over the place of gays in the church.

It would be perfectly consistent for Archbishop Akinola to start an English version of his Church, and while I am saddened by his divisive intentions there are some few who will find comfort under his brazenly homophobic creed.

While Archbishop Akinola spreads his brand of religion to England the main concern of LGCM remains that the Church of England does not respond to this schism by increasing its own institutional homophobia – competing with him for the prize of who can be nastiest to gays!

The Church of England has yet to announce whether Robinson will be invited to the conference. If he does get the invite, we’re sure Akinola will raise a stink.

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