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Al Cardenas Is Going To ‘Vet’ Any Future Guests At CPAC, Includin GOProud

Al Cardenas, the new chairman of CPAC parent American Conservative Union, and whose name you’re going to forget until next year’s CPAC, has no problem letting GOProud join the party again next year. So long as they give up any pro-gay position they have. (To which I say: done!) In addition to believing no “Ronald Reagan conservative” could support same-sex marriage, Cardenas says of GOProud: “We’ll always be inclusive of who comes to CPAC, regardless of … your orientation. … It’s got nothing to do with your orientation. It’s got to do with the principles that you advocate. There are a number of gays in America who don’t advocate gays in the military issue or gay marriage. And so they’ll fit within the tent of what we stand for.” Also: If you’re a straight person who advocates on behalf of gay marriage, you too will be banned. “It’s not that easy. It’s complicated,” says Cardenas. Actually, it doesn’t sound all that complicated at all.

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  • SouthSideShorty

    As one of those “traitorous” and “self-hating” GOProud men who believes we should be happy with civil unions and that DADT should be decided by the military and not the congress, I’ll submit that Mr. Cardenas is correct. The Right, like the Left, consists of many demographics that must learn to compromise. Much like certain liberal groups (i.e., Hispanics, blacks, Muslims) openly condemn homosexuality but still vote Democrat, religious conservatives are incrementally learning, just like those Hispanics and blacks and Muslims, to be more accepting of us.

  • Stephanie

    See the difficult thing here is deciding how one views LGBT rights. If we decide that same-sex marriage is paramount to the queer movement then the question becomes the approach. Letting same-sex marriage become a state’s issue might be a good approach and perhaps maybe more in line with certain conservative principles but realistically it might not be plausible. Historically, minority rights need federal enforcement and intervention. Also, today modern day republicans are missing their true roots especially from the days of Lincoln. Oh yeah, let us not forget Reagan was against the Briggs Initiative (granted he was dismal with the AIDS crisis plus the whole pandering to the Religious right) but according to CPAC’s terms here even Reagan would be ousted considering that is a vocalization on gay rights. The Log Cabin republicans need to set GoProud right. Now as a democrat, I can completely criticize my party especially when it comes to the absence of support for the gay community. However, GoProud will continue on being problematic considering they never espouse the existence of their gay side when being lumped next to their conservative side.

  • justiceontherocks

    @SouthSideShorty: explain to me what business it is of any government who gets married to who.

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