AL Chief Justice Candidate Tells Tea Partiers Gay Marriage Will Be “Ultimate Destruction” Of U.S.

Republican Roy Moore, a former Alabama Chief Justice in looking to reclaim his seat next month, called same-sex marriage “the ultimate destruction of our country” at a Tea Party Rally on Saturday.

“We can’t keep disparaging our military and promoting things like same-sex marriage, L-G-B-T,” Moore told the roughly 100 people gathered at a rally for the DeKalb County Tea Party in Ft. Payne, AL. “To hear the President of the United States say that we are promoting L-G-B-T. Let’s think about what that is: lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered rights… Same-sex marriage will be the ultimate destruction of our country because it destroys the very foundation upon which this nation is based. I’ve been accused of being divisive I’ll tell you what’s divisive. It’s this Democratic platform.”

The Democratic Party added a marriage-equality plank in its it platform at the DNC Convention in North Carolina.

Rep. Patricia Todd (D-Birmingham) said Moore’s comments were “almost laughable.” “It’s almost laughable to me. We’re going to bring the downfall of the country? When you have war and the economy? When you look at states that have same-sex marriage, they’re all doing pretty good,” said Todd,  an open lesbian and head of Equality Alabama.

Moore’s opponent in the November 6 election, Jefferson County Circuit Judge Robert Vance Jr, said Moore was “simply throwing out red meat to distract people,” as Alabama already has a statewide ban on same-sex marriage.

In 2003, Moore was removed from office when he refused to remove a copy of the Ten Commandments in his courtroom.