AL Episcopal Bishop Nixes Same-Sex Rites, Even Though He Voted For Them

An Episcopal bishop in Alabama has banned priests in his diocese from blessing same-sex unions, even though he voted in favor of such rites at the Episcopalian National Convention earlier this month.

“Theology is an ongoing revelation,” Bishop John McKee Sloan told The Birmingham News. “It’s influenced by context. There are parts of the country that are more conservative and traditional, and there are parts of the country that are more liberal. In Alabama, it would be divisive within the Episcopal Church. We are deeply conflicted about this. I’d like for us to work through and pray about it.”

Sloan did indicate the blessing of same-sex unions may be allowed eventually, but “I don’t have a timetable in mind.”

Brad Lamonte of Integrity, a Episcopal group promoting LGBT equality within the church, is baffled by Sloan’s stance. “He worked on the committee that developed the rite. It’s bizarre that he’s not allowing it in Alabama.”

It’d almost be better if Sloan was against a liturgy for gay unions—at least then he’d be standing up for his beliefs. This is just cowardice.

Photo: St. Michael’s Parish