Last Laugh

Al Franken Goes Nuclear on Focus on the Family—in a Funny Way

Wednesday was not a good day for Focus on the Family’s Tom Minnery: During a Senate hearing to repeal the odious Defense of Marriage Act, the equally odious Minnery tried to make the case for opposing marriage equality, only to have Sen. Patrick Leahy make him admit that DOMA harms the children of gay parents. It only got worse—or better, depending on your viewpoint—after that. Sen. Al Franken ripped apart Minnery’s written testimony that claimed a federal study indicated children of gay parents suffered a slew of ill effects. “I checked the study out,” Franken said. “It doesn’t say what you say it says.” The study cited “nuclear families,” which as Franken pointed out could encompass gay parents as well.

It’s not often that you get an audience to laugh at a congressional hearing, but Franken did—at Minnery’s expense. Guess those years at SNL paid off.