Al Pacino, What Went Wrong?

On the left you see Al Pacino circa 1970, when he starred as Michael Corleone in The Godfather. On the right you see Al Pacino circa last night, when he celebrated the release of his latest cinematic endeavor, 88 Minutes.

We ask you: what on God’s good earth happened over the course of 38-years to turn a handsome young actor into a nightmarish caricature of Hollywood gone wrong? Wait. We think we just answered our own question.

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  • M Shane

    Makeup is wrong(?) a little lipstick and he’ll look like someones mother.

  • CitizenGeek

    Weird coincidence: I’m just after watching the first episode of Angels in America, and I was thinking to myself “Gosh, Al Pacino sure was outstanding in that role” and then the first page of Queerty loads up and the first article is about Al Pacino!

    Anywho, Al Pacino doesn’t seem to have aged all that well ….

  • slider

    Are you sure the current picture (the one on the right) of Al Pacino is Al Pacino. I looked at the picture and thought it was Keith Richards.

  • Ash

    Wow, someone aged in 38 years. Stop the presses and such.

  • Eminent Victorian

    Maybe he just needs a good conditioner.

  • jesse

    take a picture of any “hot” guy now and add 38 years of age to them and they will look…HELLO, old. It’s part of life. Your criticism and the general agist attitude in the media is why so many celebrities get hideously deforming plastic surgery…see previously posted madonna video.

  • unirover

    So he had a bad hair night. He’s still a great actor.

  • James

    It’s the hair. No one can dog him out for aging (wait a minute….maybe you guys will). We all do that, but his hair has got go.

  • noah

    How many men in their mid-to-late 60s look hot? We all get old if we’re lucky.

    Would you rather have him look like Mickey Rourke or Joan Rivers or Michael Jackson? All three of them no longer look human because of their plastic surgery.

    Seriously, the man looks good for his age. He might look better if hadn’t smoked, but most people would be happy to look like Pacino at his age.

    Anyway, Pacino is far luckier than women actors of his age group who are forced out of the business or stuck only playing someone’s mom or grandmother. How many of them still get to play leading roles? Very few.

  • M Shane

    I don’t doubt that anyone disputes his ability. The hairdo reminds me of once when I tried to have my hair curled and it looked like an old lady hairdo: then I tried to dye it and it turned flurescent green. My mom asked if I was on drugs.
    The fact that women can’t get jobs as actresses has kind of werid results, since they always have to throw a love bit in there, you get these old farts paired up with women who look like their grandchilren. Meryl Streep always gets roles as a supercunt. Betty Davis and Hepburn did it.. It’s not impossible. The problem seem to be with these male egos wanting a real babe hanging on thier walkers.

  • EdWoody

    It’s called “aging.” Let’s see you look as good at his age.

  • Michael

    I’ll add my voice to the chorus because this post is ridiculous. Ignore the bad hair choice and otherwise all you can say is that in 38 years he GOT OLDER. As one does.

  • leomoore

    It’s pretty pathetic to me when I see men my age or older who just cannot allow themselves to age gracefully. In 1988, no one but an idiot thought Ronald Reagan had brown hair naturally. Still, even Al Pacino is holding up better than Keith Richards who looks like an extra from Night of the Living Dead. I suspect Pacino ingested fewer chemicals and perhaps less alcohol.

  • Miss Understood

    While I agree with your trashing of Madoodoo and her dumb vacuum video, this is just silly. People age. He doesn’t look freakishly bad for his age. We just expect superhuman lasting looks from celebrities which drives them to plastic surgery. Who looks the same after 38 years?

  • Mike

    What went wrong ?


    you posted a pic from 38 years ago and ask what went wrong ???????????



    Geez, 38 years ago i wasn’t even born

    WHAT WENT WRONG ??????????


  • Timothy

    Sorry, but criticism of Pacino is off limits.

    This guy took a gay roll in the mid 70’s (Dog Day Afternoon) when nobody but nobody – and certainly not a rising star – took that risk.

    So he looks a bit haggard. Hey, the guy’s almost 70.

  • Mike

    Aside from being an absolutely brilliant actor, the man is 68 years old, and a rather well preserved 68 years of age at that. Keep in mind, he is but 4 years John McCain’s junior. He has kept himself relatively fit, and should I have a thicket of hair like his at 68, I too shall grow it into an unrulely mane, albiet a grey one, and wear it proudly.

  • designman

    Yeah, everyone ages. And it’s not fair to hold up a recent picture and make a comparison to the same guy 38 years ago.

    But I’ve thought for a while that he looks particularly creepy. He’s had brow lifts, and the hair is definitely a weave. And if anyone went from being an excellent actor to a scenery chewing ham, it’s him.

  • ioni

    Yep. I kinda agree.
    This is called age.

  • ioni

    Well, I mean AGE

  • RJ

    I dispute his ability to act. I was going to call him a ham, but Designman beat me to it.

  • Charley

    Alot has to do with the different wardrobe he is wearing and the sunglasses, also the angle of the picture. One always look older when the camera is above your head pointing down, rather than shooting upward, as in the younger version.

  • Charley

    It’s also the black pearls. He looks like an ageing Jewish widow from New York’s upper East side. Quite a transformation for an Italian male.

  • Charley

    Diane Von Furstenberg’s older lesbian sister.

  • Megs

    It’s a good thing we have alternatives to aging, isn’t it? Why didn’t he just die, like everyone else should, at the first sign of not being young? Has he no sense of propriety? Activists unite! Aging is a pox on society!

  • Z.

    Poord thing!

  • John

    Time is no one’s friend…..*sigh

  • Wolfie

    Going for the Prez hilton look now QUEERTY? I remember when you guys avctually did “meaningful stories” not the trash and garbage you’ve been printing lately. I’ve about had it. If anyhting is loking bad and making the gay community look worse its your site

  • Geoffrey

    Nothing scares a queer like the reality that time will take it’s toll. Face it. It’s gonna happen to you and me.

  • Spade

    You do know when he made the move 88 Minute he was 67 years old, plus the Movie was in 1972, he was in his early 30’s then. People look different as they age. Maybe his hair needs some work done, but this is the same Al Pacino we love!

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