Alabama Woman Charged With Murder After Shooting Son’s Boyfriend In The Back

Anita-T.-Hill-murderFamily tensions boiled over at an Alabama truck stop Monday night when 51-year-old Anita T. Hill shot and killed her gay son’s boyfriend of four years.

According to Sgt. Dale Phillips of the Tuscaloosa Metro Homicide Unit, Hill met her son and the victim, 36-year-old Jamie R. Johnson, at a truck stop in McCalla to “talk about helping them move and other issues.” Witnesses report seeing the three engaged in conversation before Hill brandished a handgun and fired one round into Johnson’s back. He later passed away at a local hospital.

“Witnesses at the scene describe that it appeared that the victim in this case attempted to turn and move away from the suspect. At which time she pulled a hand gun and fired one round,” Phillips said. He also noted that Hill believed her son’s long-term relationship had become “violent” and “mentally abusive” at times.

Hill has been charged with murder in the case and has since bonded out of jail. Sgt. Phillips also notes that at this time, the crime is not being investigated as a hate crime because the department “sees this as a family having issues.”


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