Alabama Woman Savagely Beaten By Girlfriend’s Brother Over Thanksgiving

Mallory Owens of Mobile, Alabama, is recovering from grievous injuries after being attacked by her girlfriend’s brother during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Owens, 23, had originally been invited to her girlfriend’s home for Thanksgiving, but its unclear what prompted Travis Hawkins Jr.’s vicious assault, which led to brain bleed, skull fractures and crushed cheek bones.

Activists and friends quickly took to Facebook to protest that Hawkins was only charged with second-degree assault before being freed on bail. “This, at best, was an attempted murder!” the original poster wrote. “Mallory deserves justice for [this] horrific attack and, by the Grace of God, her long road to recovery.”

The commenter also claimed Hawkins’ family stood by idly during the assault and has threatened Owens’ family, who are calling the attack a hate crime.

We’ll have more news as information becomes available.