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Alabama’s Anti-Bullying Law Could Lead to Special Protections for Queer Kids!

How misguided of an organization must you be when you find yourself defending school bullies? Oh, then you’re familiar with Focus On The Family?

Alabama’s Student Harassment Prevention Act goes into effect Oct. 1. It’s an anti-bullying measure, and one of some 44 statewide laws aimed at protecting kids from harassment — and criminally punishing those responsible for letting it happen. This is bad news, says FOTF!

The new law is problematic because it puts the focus on the motivations and “characteristics” of victims, rather than on the wrong actions of the bullies.

Betty Peters, a member of the Alabama education board, said the bill would allow gay activists to work their language and curriculum into schools.

“We need to punish all bullies,” she said, “regardless of their motivation.”

Peters said gay activists are encouraging like-minded individuals to sign up for local committees that will be responsible for writing similar policies. She encouraged parents who oppose the gay agenda to do the same.

“They should let their local boards know that they want all children to be protected,” she said.

Parents should watch out for attempts to mandate special protections for “gender identity” and “sexual orientation”— which can pave the way for pro-gay curriculum and mandatory “diversity” training.

That’s right, parents. Schools that teach students to be more tolerant of their LGBT peers are also on track to push forward the homosexual activist agenda.

But as Truth Wins Out notes, Ms. Peters “is a member of the American Family Association, Alabama Republican Assembly, Eagle Forum, and Christian Coalition. Peters wants creationism to be taught in schools. She was the lone no-vote on state Superintendent of Education Dr. Joe Morton’s recommendation that Alabama participate in a state-led initiative to develop common core standards for English and mathematics. Peters also opposed President Obama’s speech to school children.”