Alan Chambers Does Not Heart Anderson Cooper

It’s been a while since we actually tuned in to see CNN’s dreamboat anchor Anderson Cooper. Sure, we love him, but we’re still a little miffed about him taking Aaron Brown‘s old time slot. Our friend Jeremy Hooper, however, apparently owes more loyalty to Cooper, because he clicked over to see ex-gay spokesperson Alan Chambers (pictured, looking gayer than even you) chatting about Ted Haggard‘s alleged heterosexuality.

A real mensch, Hooper’s provided a link to the entire transcript, but we’d like to discuss one particular snippet:

COOPER: …Do you still have attraction to men? You’re just choosing not to act on it?

CHAMBERS: My attraction greatly diminished over the course of many years. Sixteen years into it, my life isn’t even remotely the same as it once was, but I often say that I will never be as though I never was.

And the truth is that I’m a human being. And for me to say that I could never be attracted to men again, or that I couldn’t be tempted would mean that I’m not human, and that’s just not the case.

We can’t help but wonder, then, why so many people find the ex-gay movement appealing. Sure, we understand they’re trying to reconcile their religion and sexuality, but if even the movement’s most vocal proponent admits it doesn’t work, why do people continue to have faith? Oh, right, because people are stupid.