Alan Chambers: The Ex-Gay Leader Reveals Plans For His New Church

alanchambers6673We don’t have to build bridges with people outside the church with different opinions, there are plenty of people inside the church with different opinions. We have different political affiliations, we have different beliefs about social issues and all sorts of things, and I think it’s time for us to lay down the weapons, to end the war, and to promote peace at all costs, and to be people who are willing, more than anything, to sit down with their neighbor and have a conversation. We want to host conversations like that. We want to write extensively about that. We want to help churches be places that people who agree with their theology or their scriptural beliefs feel welcome to come, but we also want people who don’t agree with them to feel welcome to come as well. And I believe that that’s possible. I believe that’s the role of the church.”

Alan Chambers, former president of the now-defunct ex-gay ministry Exodus International, discussing the mission statement for a more accepting church in the future during an interview with Christian Post.

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  • Jackhoffsky

    Is it just me or did he just say absolutely nothing?

    Either that or he described the religious version of “The View”.

    I can’t tell anymore…..

  • im2bused

    he will say anything to get donations….

  • JKelly

    “promote peace at all costs”

    He’s not a very good negotiator.

  • Milk

    Sadly people have make religion into an institution of profit making. The tax free status is a great incentives. Capitalizing the insecurity of people and spouting hate speech continues to roll in the dough.

  • Ogre Magi

    of all the blissed-out born again grins, his is the creepiest

  • jwrappaport

    To borrow from Napoleon, cognitively meaningless statements like this are “shit in a silk stocking.”

    Their idea of a “conversation” is:

    Q: Why is homosexuality wrong?
    A: Because it says so in the Bible.
    Q: What if I interpret the text differently?
    A: Then you’re either wrong, damned for all time, or both.
    Q: How do you know?
    A: I just do.

    Ladies and gentlemen, Alan Chambers & Co.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Get a job!

  • Ron Jackson

    Just what the world needs. Another fookin church. Another religious denomination.

    I agree also, he is kind of creepy lookin’

  • BigWoody

    Hmmm… Chambers calls Lisa Ling to set up meeting with former ex-gays to say he is sorry.
    This call was 3 months ago and led to the documentary ‘God and Gays’ airdate 6/20/13.
    Chambers announced the closing of Exodus one day before on 6/19/13 in an attempt to boost ratings for the 6/20 air date to… get this… gain publicity for his new ‘church’ that he marketed on 6/23.
    Well played, Alan (satan’s) Chambers.

  • balehead

    Why do people support or hate? because you can make alot of money for it….

  • Cam

    So just so I understand a few things.

    1. His group had been discredited and was the target of many legal complaints.

    2. A former leader of his group came out and said the group was a fraud.

    3. He closes the group now that it is discredited and the mood of the country has changed dramatically.

    4. He IMMEDIATELY announces a new group and starts raising money for it.

    Please remember, this guy always painted himself as the victim and gays as sinners, attackers, etc…

    Don’t be fooled.

  • crazycorgi

    The truly sad thing is that there will always be plenty of self-loathing homosexuals, and Mormons out there for this guy to prey on with his brand of “christianity” and “conversion therapy”. The guy is himself a self-avowed self-loathing homosexual. They know that there is no basis of truth to so called “gay conversion therapy”, and they know that it does nothing but harm to those they prey on, but so long as it brings in big bucks they will always be happy to be there to sell their brand of snake-oil to the religiously persecuted self-haters.

  • DonW

    The old kind of snake oil is no longer selling well, so it’s time to rebrand. That’s all this guy will ever be about.

    Did anyone watch the Lisa Ling show and see how he was clinging to and hiding behind his wife throughout the meetings with “ex-ex-gays”? Doesn’t even have the balls to face his victims without his beard to protect him. Pathetic.

  • kevininbuffalo

    “The old kind of snake oil is no longer selling well, so it’s time to rebrand. That’s all this guy will ever be about.”

    Exactly, anything but get a real job! Work? ewwwww!

  • Charles175

    @kevininbuffalo: After making a 37 year “career” of this absurdity, he has no other options.

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