Alan Chambers: The Ex-Gay Leader Reveals Plans For His New Church

alanchambers6673We don’t have to build bridges with people outside the church with different opinions, there are plenty of people inside the church with different opinions. We have different political affiliations, we have different beliefs about social issues and all sorts of things, and I think it’s time for us to lay down the weapons, to end the war, and to promote peace at all costs, and to be people who are willing, more than anything, to sit down with their neighbor and have a conversation. We want to host conversations like that. We want to write extensively about that. We want to help churches be places that people who agree with their theology or their scriptural beliefs feel welcome to come, but we also want people who don’t agree with them to feel welcome to come as well. And I believe that that’s possible. I believe that’s the role of the church.”

Alan Chambers, former president of the now-defunct ex-gay ministry Exodus International, discussing the mission statement for a more accepting church in the future during an interview with Christian Post.