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Alan Cumming’s Next Money Shot Will Land In Your Ears


He already has an film and stage acting career, and a sexually explicit fragrance, so why shouldn’t Alan Cumming have his own solo album? I Bought a Blue Car Today drops Sept. 22, and will treat audiophiles to such, uh, covers as Cyndi Lauper’s Shine” and Hedwig and the Angry Inch‘s “Wig in a Box/Wicked Little Town.”

So what’s the record all about? “The album title comes from the naturalization test I took to become a citizen of the U S of A,” says Alan. “In the test, there is a bit where the man says a sentence and you have to write it down to prove your prowess in English. My sentence was ‘I bought a blue car today,’ which initially I thought was really sweet and childlike, but on closer examination I realized that it’s all about consumerism and gas guzzling, which rather brilliantly encapsulates America’s financial and energy crises in one fell swoop. [The album is] made up of songs and stories about my ten years living in the states culminating in my becoming a citizen.”

And conspiracy theories, evidently.

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