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Alan Osmond Goes From Feminine Dancing to Defending Reparative Therapy

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Last week we brought the mildly offensive but mostly ridiculous clip of Alan Osmond—eldest scion of the Osmond clan and brother to Donny and Marie—talking about how Chuck Norris helped karate-chop the feminine tendencies out of the boys’ dance moves back in the 1970s.

Alan getting more media attention for defending reparative therapy in a column on his website,

The “article” is the most redonkulous poorly worded bunch of bigoted malarky that we couldn’t help ourselves but to crown Alan Osmond with our highly distinguished honor as “Douche of the Week.”

Check out this telling passage. (The grammar and style is Osmond’s):

In addition to having counsel from the Lord’s prophet to provide guidance, it is helpful to have accurate information about homosexualityand its development. First, it is important to understand thathomosexuality is not innate and unchangeable. Research has NOT proved that homosexuality is genetic. Even more important, many researchers whose studies have been used to support a biological model forhomosexuality have determined that their work has been MISINTERPRETED.

What is clear is that homosexuality results from an interaction of social, biological, and psychological factors. These factors may include temperament, personality traits, sexual abuse, familial factors, and treatment by one’s peers.

Developmental factors aside, can individuals diminish homosexual attraction and make changes in their lives? Yes. There is substantial evidence, both historical and current, to indicate this is the case.

Oh but of course Alan doesn’t have any data on that “substantial evidence.”

The Osmond family is famously Mormon and Alan currently serves on the Church of Latter-Day Saints’ high council in Orem, UT. He states that “is not an official site of our Church,” but it’s filled with religious doctrine. So is he speaking as private individual or a mouthpiece for his Church?

His venomous diatribe would be bad enough in the abstract, but Alan is the uncle of Jessica Osmond, Marie’s out and proud lesbian daughter. Marie is supportive of her child and the gay community in general, but ol’ Alan is just fine insulting his own family.

All together now: What a douche!

Source: Back2Stonewall,