After reports of being ‘on the verge of death,’ Aaron Carter checks into rehab

Aaron Carter tells fans to "take care, y'all"

After neighbors called 9-1-1 to report “erratic” behavior and say he was on the “verge of death,” bisexual pop star Aaron Carter checked himself into rehab over the weekend.

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A spokesperson for Carter says the singer is trying to get his life back on track after a particularly rough summer:

Aaron has decided to enter a facility to improve his health and work on his overall wellness. He is going to do this privately and focus all his attention on being the best person and performer possible. He is grateful for the support and love from his fans and looks forward to coming back stronger than ever before.

Just to recap: After coming out as bisexual earlier this year, Carter broke up with his girlfriend then went public with his battles against drug abuse, addiction to cosmetic surgery, and rapid weight loss.

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In addition to all that, people in the singer’s inner circle report that he’s “not in a safe mental state” and that he’s “threatened to take his own life multiple times in the past few weeks.”

On Friday evening, Carter tweeted to his 600K followers that the past year for him has been “crazy” and he plans on “disappearing for a while.”

Before telling everyone to “take care, y’all”:

Here’s wishing him a speedy recovery.

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  • ChrisK

    What’s he gonna do for his next release?

  • ChrisK

    F*ck this guy. Another publicity stunt for his suckers.. I mean fans. Hey all! I’m going to rehab and don’t forget about my new release. It’s amazing!!

    • Donston

      He’s so obviously sick mentally and physically that you can’t really hate the stunts at this point. It’s not like he’s hurting anyone but himself. It’s all just sad at this point. Maybe he’ll evolve into a Lindsay Lohan and learn to be a more discreet hot mess has-been. Or maybe might genuinely get it together. Or maybe he’ll just continue down this path.

  • JaredMacBride

    I seriously doubt he checked into a drug rehab facility; shame, because he desperately needs to. It’s pretty clear form that tweet he thinks nothing serious is wrong.

  • Mack

    There was a report on another site he was waiting to check into a rehab but first wanted to see if he could get it filmed while he was there. I guess it was in conjunction with the “Doctors” episodes he just filmed and released.

  • He BGB

    He has Andy Gibbitis. And Andy didn’t end up in a great place either. Starting off on your brother’s coattails, never getting past Tiger Beat status. Stop trying desperately to be relevant and famous and just be. His generation gives fame and “likes” too much power,

    • ChrisK

      Andy Gibbs Brothers were major talents though. A long ways away from some Boybander in the 90s.

    • DCguy

      The thing is, if you look up Gibb’s wiki, he had a bunch of number 1 hits at a time when that was a big thing. I don’t think Carter ever really had any chart success did he?

    • Donston

      I think his remake of “I Want Candy” did something chart-wise. And I recall a video of his about Shaq popping up on MTV sporadically in my childhood. Either way, his career peaked at the age of 12/13.

      Another example of a dysfunctional family + growing up in Hollywood equating to a disastrous person.

    • ChrisK

      Yeah, that are still being played today. Carter is still around and they’re not playing them anywhere other then some club with middle aged queers who actually still remember him and his one hit when he was a kid.

    • ChrisK

      Shit I must be getting up there in age because I can still remember when it was being played on MTV Don. It was a cute pop song that fit him very well though.

  • o.codone

    I like him, always have. But he’s super skinny, 6 foot and 115#. I’s still do him though I doubt it’s very exciting boning a bone.

  • Sam6969

    I do not know him, but I wish him well. Being ill or depressed is not easy for anyone.

  • Paco

    He is like a child that throws a tantrum because no one is giving him attention. It’s easy to get people talking about you by misbehaving. It takes work to get people to talk about you because of your accomplishments and contributions.

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