You'll Never Guess What Alaska Thunderfuck and Tina Turner Have in Common.

Alaska Thunderfuck Sharon Needles Breakup RuPaul's Drag Race
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On the newest episode of ‘Hey Qween!’, Alaska Thunderfuck spills some serious tee about her relationship and breakup with RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 winner Sharon Needles. In the interview, Alaska reveals the dangerous level that her relationship with Sharon escalated to before it ended. (Hint: Tina Turner is to Ike as Alaska is to Sharon.)

Watch the full ‘Hey Qween!’ interview and read a transcript of the Tina-like revelation below, which starts at 26:10.

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[26:10] Alaska Thunderfuck: Shannon Noodles!

Jonny McGovern (Host): There she is. Your old lover.

A: Oh my gosh, I know.

J: Your former lover. Also probably the cause of a lot of your stress during your season to live up to what had just come before. Was that – I imagine it was difficult.

A: No, it’s totally true. Sharon’s like such a force of nature. He’s so amazing and sometimes I felt, and I still feel like Chaz Bono a little bit. Like you’re permanently linked to someone who’s like really way more famous then you. So, it’s like, it’s cool. He’s really amazing and he’s inspired me a lot and, um, I will always love you.

J: Wonderful. I like it. You could do a remake of The Bodyguard. Which one would be the bodyguard?

A: Um… I wanna be queen of the night! – Wait can you not use that? – Yeah, I would wanna be her, but you know Sharon would probably take it. I’ll be Costner. Fine. Fine.

J: You guys still are friends since the breakup? Did the breakup happen for reasons other than fame pulled you apart, or what?

A: I think for a lot of things. There were a lot of factors. I mean we went through such huge changes in our lives.

J: Yeah. Like suddenly everyone knew who you were. Certainly everyone knew who he was right away and then all knew you and then they all knew your business. And they all were giving you the old opera glass, right? I mean that must have been pretty crazy to have your whole personal life – by your own making, I mean you both went on Drag Race – but put on super blast. That can’t have been easy.

A: Yeah. I was hard and anything that you’re going through personally, like you don’t want to upset your fans who –

J: Who are ready to name you Mr. and Mrs. Number One Drag Couple of the world. That’s a lot to live up to.

A: It is. And that’s really nice and really cool, so I didn’t want to disappoint anybody. I don’t know. We changed a lot as people and we went through a lot together. It cool though.

J: Everything worked out in the end. Did you get sober before or after the breakup? And was that part of it?

A: It was the night of, like, you know in the Angela Bassett as Tina Turner movie?

J: Yes, ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?’, uh huh.

A: Where she’s like bloody and beaten and she goes to the hotel and she says, “My name is Tina Turner. And I don’t have any money right now but please give me a hotel.” I sort of had a night like that where we were so drunk and we got in a physical fight. And that was the night I moved out. I went to a hotel and I said, “My name is Tina Turner.” I moved out and I stopped drinking that night. I was like we can’t do this to each other. It needs to be – we need to be separate from each other so we can survive. Cause it wasn’t good. We were fighting. So, that was it. I had a Tina Turner night.

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