Alaska’s Bigoted Ex-Governor Read Homosexual Blog ‘Obsessively’


“Sources with access to Palin have indeed told to me that the Wasilla whack-job was an obsessive reader of this blog,” writes Andrew Sullivan, “as it dared to ask factual questions about her past that could be easily answered. I have no way of knowing this myself, and regard it as odd that a vice-presidential candidate would be hell-bent on suing a blogger who, presumably, was merely making a total ass of himself in wondering if Palin’s surreal account of her last pregnancy was factually accurate.” Which supposedly had Palin ready to sue Sullivan.

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  • tarf

    If she reads Andrew Sullivan then she truly has no taste.

  • Keith Kimmel

    This woman is a turd. I DO NOT want her in my White House. It would be like having Sally Kern as a president. Only marginally more attractive.

    She’s coming here in a few days on her book tour. I’m planning the “Official Welcoming Committee” for her. 8-)


  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    It’s a shame that she will beat Barack ‘W’ Obama in 2012 for all the promises he didn’t keep and the fact that the economy is in the toilet. She could be Attila the Hun and get elected at this rate due to name recognition and anti-incumbency. She is in the great tradition of “outsider” Republicans with no clue as to governing which is why I expect she will become Madam President.

    Waiter: “Party of 5 Million Gays for Manhattan Island?”

  • JNunzio

    Maybe this is just an attempt to prove that Palin can, actually read?

  • macca

    No 3 – unfortunately, you could be right. Do not underestimate this woman and her ability to get people riled up on her version of facts. I for one am watching carefully. She is on a mission and is as tunnel visioned as any I’ve seen.

  • InExile

    Sorry to say but the fact remains that Sarah still has more executive experience than Obama. Obama better start counting the days left until 2012, with all his promises unfulfilled, she will beat him easily. Yes, Sarah will remake this country in her own image. All gays will be required to attend church every Sunday.

  • Sydney

    Palin is pretty hot, but she’s dumb as fuck.

  • Sam

    @dontblamemeivotedforhillary, @InExile:

    What planet are you guys living on? Have you seen her poll numbers? 53% of the country says they wouldn’t vote for her and 60% say she’s not qualified to be President. Only 9% say they WOULD vote for her.

    President Sarah Palin is about as likely as President Levi Johnston.



  • 1EqualityUSA

    She can’t win. Not intelligent.

  • ricky

    yes she lied about the pregnancy. she was pregnant but that entire going into labor in texas and flying home that night story is a total lie.

  • Fitz

    @1EqualityUSA: I am a little older than you, probably.


    I’ve had bowl movements with more intelligence.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Fitz, She’ll be ripped to shreds, chewed up, spit out, and we’ll be flossing our pearly whites by sundown.

  • Kropotkin

    “@1EqualityUSA: I am a little older than you, probably.


    I’ve had bowl movements with more intelligence.”

    Yes but there is one key difference, Reagan was a professional actor who could appear intelligent, genial, and witty. Palin doesn’t have anywhere near that kind of skill. Everytime she get’s up in front of a crowd she comes of as ignorant, divisive and silly. Tea-party idiots might eat her schtick up, but if she actually made it past the primaries the landslide vote against would be the biggest since Goldwater.

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