Alec Baldwin back to his old ways, bashing gay men and generally being a toxic male

Alec Baldwin is once again letting his straight privilege show and it’s not a good look.

It all started when out comedian James Adomian recently told The Daily Beast that he thinks SNL creator Lorne Michaels is afraid to cast gay men.

“I think that Lorne Michaels is afraid of America’s dads,” Adomian remarked. Then he impersonated a douchey straight guy and said, “I’m not gonna let my kid watch a show with a gay man.”

And that’s when Baldwin got involved.

The 59-year-old actor responded with a barrage of snarky tweets that basically proved Adomian’s point (and reminded everyone that, deep down, Baldwin has always been and will always be a toxic male.)

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First, he retweeted the Daily Beast article with the caption, “My dream is to, one day, be as gifted, as brave, as all-knowing as .”

People quickly called Baldwin out for being snarky.

When person actually took the time to point out the incredibly low number of SNL’s LGBTQ cast members. (Since SNL first premiered over 40 years ago, it has seen over 150 cast members, only two of whom were openly gay.)

Baldwin responded to the tweet with yet another dig at Adomian, who auditioned for SNL 13 years ago.

That’s when gay comedian Guy Branum, host of Talk Show the Game Show, Guy Branum, got involved, asking Baldwin to name the gay men SNL has allegedly hired.

To which, Baldwin responded:

Evidently, in Baldwin’s narrow-minded, white, cisgender, heterosexual, male-dominated world, hiring closeted gay men who are not allowed to live their lives freely and openly = LGBTQ representation!

Branum wasn’t having any of it. He shut down the conversation by calling out Baldwin’s complete unwillingness to see past his own straight privilege or even acknowledge the fact that maybe, just maybe, there might be a disparity in SNL‘s casting.

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