Baldwin vs. The Barista

Alec Baldwin Declares War on “Uptight Queen” Barista at NYC Starbucks

Alec Baldwin, who’s never been one to mince words, warned his Twitter followers today that there is an “uptight queen barrista” [sic] working at the Starbucks on Manhattan‘s Upper West Side. The perpetrator’s names is Jay and apparently he’s got an “attitude problem.”

Is “uptight queen” offensive when it’s used by a straight man? Or does the fact that Baldwin’s been a staunch ally to the LGBT community give him a free pass to use that term? And assuming Jay is actually gay, could he tweet that Baldwin is a curmudgeonly breeder with anger management issues—or would that insult the straight community?

Though Baldwin’s usual targets are pundits and politicians (and the occasional family member), is it fair for a celebrity with more than 317,649 followers, to target a private citizen who probably doesn’t even have a SAG card? Or does Jay deserve to have his hands slapped for being such a bitch to the 30 Rock stud, who still oozes an almost overwhelming sexiness at age 53?

If you’re in the neighborhood and want to tip Jay $20 for ruffling Alec’s feathers—or give him your two-cents’ worth—the Starbucks in question is at 2498 Broadway at 93rd Street, It’s open till 11pm every night. Oh, and can you pick us up an iced latte while you’re there?