Alec Baldwin Jokes About Backlash Over Antigay Comments By Pretending To Love Another Man

Alec Baldwin tried to laugh off the controversy surrounding homophobic comments he made last week by publicly declaring his love for another man at a tech conference in San Francisco.

According to a report by the Associated Press, Baldwin asked a member of his entourage to stand up, then he said, jokingly:

“I want you to be my lover, Matt. I love you, Matt. I love you in that way.”

A straight man pretending to be gay? Hilarious!

The audience reportedly thought so. After they had finished laughing, Baldwin said something about loving certain men more than women during his life. Although, he was careful to note, “never in a sexual way.”

Thanks for clarifying, Alec.

Then he went back to playing the victim again, a role he’s grown quite good at over the past week. Reflecting on the public’s response to last week’s video, the Associated Press quotes Baldwin as saying:

“There is a drive-by justice to the Internet society. They indict you, convict you and hang you on the same day.”

The 55-year-old actor/suspended MSNBC host seems to forget that he has an ongoing history of making antigay comments. In June of this year, he called a British reporter a “toxic little queen.” Reports of him using other homophobic epithets have followed him for years.

Perhaps this isn’t “drive-by justice,” as he purports. Perhaps people are just finally holding him accountable for being a longtime homophobe.