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Alejandro González Is A Dream Boat

alejandropump4Continuing his endless sexy streak of photo shoots, photographer Adrian C. Martin turns his eyes toward model Alejandro González and bright pairs of PUMP! underwear. It’s a fantastic photo shoot. Not in the usual sense — we’re feeling touches of fantasy from these dreamy pics. As dreamy as they are though, they’re hot enough to leave you wide-eyed. Like a shot of caffeine, but stronger with muscles.

Alejandro González is from Spain, a young model and TV personality. He wears the PUMP! Microshock Boxer and Spring Fling Jogger for most of the photo shoot. The underwear’s mesh legs wrap around Alejandro’s muscles, showing just how flattering a little elasticity can be. He also slips into the PUMP! Spring Break Brief. The more revealing style of the brief accentuates Alejandro’s sculpted waist as well as those built legs of his.

This is one of Adrian C. Martin’s more sensual shoots. The lighting helps each still look like a freeze frame daydream. But what makes them so dreamy, of course, is how Alejandro pulls off his PUMP! underwear. He’s worth of that exclamation point.

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Photo Credit: Adrian C. Martin

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