Red handed

Alex Jones busted on air for watching x-rated video starring trans woman

Alex Jones accidentally revealed his preferred taste in pornography over the weekend and it’s surprisingly unsurprising.

It turns out the 44-year-old transphobic right wing radio host enjoys watching… transgender-themed porn.

Go figure.

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While taping a recent episode of Info Wars, Jones showed users how to navigate his website by demonstrating on his personal cell phone, which he described as “my little iPhone.”

While doing so, he accidentally hit the button to change tabs. A screen appeared displaying all the recent pages he had visited. Among them was one for a link to an x-rated video titled “Naughty Tbabe Mistress”.


Upon further investigation, it was discovered the x-rated video stars Marissa Minx, who bills herself as “Australia’s #1 Trans Companion/XXXAdult Model”.

Twitter was quick to take notice:

Jones was recently banned from Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes for hate speech, including no shortage of anti-trans remarks and tirades.

In the past,  he has called trans people “mentally ill” and “frauds” and claimed trans men who give birth use “artificial wombs” to grow “humanoids and clones.”

Jones hasn’t responded to be outed as a fan of transgender-themed porn, but he did, inexplicably, retweet this post by porn maven Jenna Jameson the other day:

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