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Alex Jones is getting destroyed in court so badly, even the judge is tearing him apart

Unhinged right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has been in a downward spiral for some time, but this week’s nosedive is one for the books.

The loudmouthed peddler of panic is currently on trial for the defamation of parents of Sandy Hook shooting victims, a tragedy Jones previously espoused as a hoax.

So far, a number of blows have been dealt to Jones’ hopes in surviving this case in one piece.

Video was played for the court showing Jones openly insulting the jurors.

Further, the prosecution was accidentally sent a full digital copy of his phone from the past two years by Jones’ lawyers, with several entries proving that he has perjured himself multiple times throughout the trial so far.

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Among some of the most unbelievable moments in this case, however, have been Jones’ interactions with Judge Maya Guerra Gamble, who’s presiding over the case.

Jones has publicly referred to the judge and prosecution both as being “demonically possessed.”

A guest host on his infamous Infowars radio show recently made a segment claiming the trial was rigged and featuring a photo of the judge’s face engulfed in flames.

Video was also shown in court from Infowars that heavily implied that Judge Gamble was involved in the trafficking of children for her work with CPS.

Jones also publicly called the judge a liar, literally feet from the courthouse steps.

After wild statements both in and out of the courtroom, dodging questions, and obvious, proven perjury, the judge had to take a second to wearily scold the defendant for making a mockery of the trial.

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“You’re already under oath to tell the truth,” Judge Gamble points out. “You’ve already violated that oath twice, today, in just those two examples. It seems absurd to instruct you again that you must tell the truth while you testify. Yet here I am.”

The judge then states the obvious to Jones directly: “This is NOT your show.”

Since the trial began, the right-wing personality has gone on the claim that he now believes that the Sandy Hook tragedy was “100% real,” but that the media “won’t let him take it back.”

Jones claims that any settlement over $2 million would “ruin him,” though it was recently found that Infowars pulls in approximately $800,000 a day.

With how horribly Jones and his defense are bombing, it seems that the $150 million the Sandy Hook parents are seeking in settlement may be well in sight.

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