Alex Minsky Loves Gay Men And Being Naked

Broadway-Bares-2014-Aerosmith-featuring-Alex-Minsky-photo-by-Kevin-Thomas-GarciaThe beautiful Alex Minsky has a lovely new profile this month in GQ, a magazine for “straight” men, and he has some nice things to say about the gays.

“I love gay men,” he tells writer Nathaniel Penn, “because if they like something, they’ll let everybody know.” That’s pretty true! And also if they don’t like something, as evidenced by our commenters.

Minsky had a rough road to being an internationally-recognized fitness & fashion model. He was a high school truant, and a marine for just one month before an IED took his lower right leg. That was followed by a painful period of PTSD and alcoholism. For two years, he got blackout drunk every day — every day! We can’t even imagine how a person can survive that, but he did. Fitness became a part of his recovery from alcoholism, and a fashion photographer spotted him at a gym. And that was that.

Things are going pretty well for him these days, but he faced an unpleasant breach of privacy when some nude photos made their way onto the web. It’s unclear who released them, but one screenshot implicated Christine Dolce, a lady who got famous in 2006 for being pretty on MySpace. Minsky wasn’t happy about the leak.

“I went into freak-out mode,” he tells the magazine, which means the polite thing for you to do would be to delete the photos from your porn stash. But, he adds by way of explanation, “maybe I just like being naked.” Doesn’t everyone?