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Alexandra Billings is about to spill all the tea on Jeffrey Tambor

Tambor and Billings in ‘Transparent’

Transparent star Alexandra Billings is set to release her new memoir This Time For Me on April 1, and already the contents of the book are making headlines… especially when it comes to her former co-star Jeffrey Tambor.

Tambor starred as the middle-aged transgender woman Maura Pfefferman for four seasons of the show, picking up two Emmy Awards in the process. Billings played Maura’s best friend and mentor Divinia, who worked at an LGBTQ center.

Despite the accolades and a devoted fanbase, the show ran into major production problems following Season 4, when actress Trace Lysette accused Tambor of sexual misconduct. Tambor’s former assistant, Van Barnes, also came forward with allegations of sexual harassment, as did makeup artist Tamara Delbridge. Others, including Transparent creator Joey Soloway and Tambor’s Arrested Development co-star Jessica Walter, also claimed the actor was verbally abusive on a number of occasions.

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Billings corroborated the allegations of harassment against Lysette, Barnes, and Soloway. Now she will go into even greater detail in her new memoir.

In an interview with Page Six, the actress previews the book by revealing that despite it all, she still has love for Tambor.

“The horrifying thing is — and horrifying because it’s so painful — is that I still love him very much,” she said. “I don’t love his behavior, but that’s true of a lot of people.”

“He still hasn’t totally admitted to everything that he’s done. I don’t know that he ever will, but that’s up to him. That’s between him and his god, not me.”

Billings also reveals in her memoir that Tambor’s behavior got so intolerable on Transparent, she actually planned to quit the show. She only stayed on for its wrap-up movie because Tambor was fired.

This Time For Me also features a candid discussion of Billings’ struggles with drugs, AIDS diagnosis, and days as a sex worker. We’re also hoping that she includes some her wisdom from TikTok, where she always keeps us entertained.

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