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Alexi Giannoulias Is Doing Everything He Can to Lock Up Illinois’ Gay Senate Vote. Even the Small Token Stuff

Alexi Giannoulias, the (ostensibly straight) Illinois state treasurer who’s running for U.S. Senate against Rep. Mark Krik, has made no secret that he’s courting the gay vote. So consider us unsurprised to learn today Giannoulias signed an executive order granting the same-sex domestic partners of his office’s employees the same benefits — including family and bereavement leave — as their straight married counterparts.

Though its impact will be small (there are only 180 total employees in Giannoulias’ office), it’s a very nice gesture, and one of those “No duh, this is how it’s supposed to be” moments.

But these gay staffers already enjoyed the same health care options as married heteros — let’s not pretend expanding the rest of the benefits umbrella isn’t a politically motivated campaign move by the Senate hopeful. Let’s also not pretend that we going to spend terribly much effort caring about the why.

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  • Tom B

    Alexi G is a strong supporter of LGBT rights. Maybe queerty could hold the snark for someone who deserves it?

  • Faketroll

    @Tom B: agreed. stfu queerty

  • jeffree

    Alexi is running against a guy who has *repeatedly* lied about his Military service record, about his awards, and is –probably gay–.

    The gay-or-not-gay issue with Kirk doesn ‘t matter all that much to me. What matters most to me is that Alexi has extended benefits to LG individuals in his department, and is ++willing++ to face the repub. majority downstate Illinois for that support.

    He faces all kinds of scrutiny for his family’s bank, but when push comes to shove, he’s supporting US LGB folks despite the venom he will no doubt incur from the teapartying fringe for speaking out for the dispossessed & under-represented.

    I wish him well,

  • Dennis

    Seriously, when you drag out ‘the snark’ at every friggin’ opportunity, it kinda loses it’s effect.

    How about saving it for your special Obama posts? Or giving it a rest…honey, that snark shit must be tired from all the overuse it gets on this site.

    A.G. has done just about everything right thus far in his campaign to affirm his support for LGBT’s, he could be a excellent ally if he wins, let’s hope so.

  • KWil

    Great, its not just me who notices the snark that is peppered over most articles. Yes, it may be a very small step towards the way things SHOULD be, and it may be a very public gesture.
    But for gods sake do you really not appreciate that SOMEONE is fighting our battles, and must they be fought in private to seem genuine to you?

  • AxelDC

    I much prefer a genuine gay ally to a closet case Republican.

  • jeffree

    “Snark is the last refuge of people with more venom than brains.”
    —-Jeffree Z.

  • jason

    Alex Giannoulias first love is Obama and the Democrats. Obama and the Democrats have treated us gays in an appalling way, especially in relation to DADT.

    I wouldn’t vote for Mr Giannoulias under any circumstance. We need to send the message to all Democrats that we aren’t going to let them get away with treating us badly.

  • Chitown Kev

    Oh, please, if there was no snark then it wouldn’t be Queerty.

    Queerty is like that bitchy queen that’s always in the corner of the bar throwing daggers at all the patrons just because she can (and said queen knows ALL of the dirt).

  • jeffree

    @Chitown Kev:
    “Snark, like any weapon, needs to be used judiciously, carefully and with great aim.”
    (OMG can you tell I watched the Karate Kid & the Kung Fu movies too many times when I was younger!)

  • whatever

    @Chitown Kev: Wonkette knows how to do snark right and chooses its targets carefully. Queerty is the functionally retarded kid who just learned what it is and doesn’t quite know how to use it.

  • Chitown Kev


    Honey, anybody and anything is the target of a bitchy bar queen…especially when she’s a bit tipsy.

    Granted I don’t like Queerty’s target on some…OK, may occasions, the snark IS a big part of the charm of this blog.

  • Cam

    Good for him. I don’t live in IL but I’m sure as hell going to donate to this guy.

  • whatever

    Jason’s and the queertard editors’ disapproval is enough for me to support Alexi big time.

    And are the queertard eds closet Repubs? They never write anything about Kirk being an anti-gay closted gay who lies repeatedly about his military record. But they slime Alexi for every little thing, even his pro-gay moves!

  • Tom B

    FYI- Alexi is doing a fundraiser at Sidetrack next week. My excitement to go has no connection at all to how hot that man is…. uhh…

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