Alexis Taking Trans Struggle To Silver Screen

Alexis Arquette’s never been accused of being a wallflower. And she definitely made an impression yesterday when she arrived at the press conference for her Tribeca documentary, Alexis Arquette She’s My Brother. Sporting an animal print dress, the blond actress and Hollywood royal posed for photographers, laughing, “Are you ready for me?” We were born ready. Arquette, on the other hand: not ready to be a boy.

Thus, the 36-year old transformed herself into a woman, a year-and-a-half transitory journey documented in the film. Though willing to capture her emotional transition, Arquette’s not about to reveal all her secret.

It got to the point when I wasn’t willing to answer the questions about hormones, surgeries, or genitalia because it felt like backstepping. It wasn’t a subject that needs any more exploitation; it needs clarification.

When asked about what led to her transition, Arquette refuses to get into the essentialist/constructionist debate (that is, gender identity’s formed at birth or through external influences):

I don’t know why I feel this way. Is me feeling female the same as J.Lo feeling black? I don’t know. I don’t know why she feels that way.

The details aren’t as important as awareness and, of course, acceptance.

As with LA Times jocko-journo, Mike Penner, Arquette’s made it her mission to spread the tranny word, thus insuring women such as herself won’t sink into the background.

(On a side note: is Arquette not the spitting image of Nicky Hilton?)
Alexis Arquette On Being Transgender [HuffPo]

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