Alien From Planet Homophobia Sends Lance Bass Death Threats On Facebook

Ex-wannabe-cosmonaut Lance Bass tweeted recently that he was on the receiving end of some hyper-homophobic Facebook messages.

Some faceless dude named “Ted Fau” repeatedly posted some gross homophobic shit on Bass’ Facebook: “I think you’re a fucking f*ggot. I want to stab you and play around with your blood.”

Some of them are just comically hilarious: “Did you secretly suck Justin’s cock when he was sleeping?… You shattered millions of American women’s dreams.”

The former N*SYNC heart-throb tweeted the screengrab with the message: “If I go missing -this guy did it- Jeez! Sad to know many LGBT kids deal w this irrational hatred daily.”

Photo via NASA, Lance Bass

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  • FreddyMertz

    Getting my “Criminal Minds” hat on…reads like a girl/woman wrote this.

  • DJ Veno

    [email protected]FreddyMertz: That’s the same thing I said too, no other man would care about how many females liked another dude.. I bet $50 it’s a chick.

  • Kyle412

    Sounds like a PR stunt by Lance’s camp to stay in the press.

  • dave

    So did he suck Justin or not?

  • Crysta Lynn

    Sounds like a heavily closeted gay guy who is mad cause now he has even more “temptation” on his silver platter…

  • B

    With Facebook’s apparent tendency to collect as much personal information about each and every one of us (including people who do not have facebook accounts), they should be able to tell the authorities who this creep is.

  • Oh, ok.

    Poor baby.

  • Rick

    @DJ Veno: Sorry guys but I think you’re wrong about it being a lady. At first I thought it was maybe an old stalker from his boy band days. But then I noticed a couple of things. First, the grammer is almost perfect. How many people do you know on FB who take the time to use commas? Second, if this was a sociapath from his N SYNC days, which is what the text seems to imply, then why would she wait this long to say anything? And finally, notice in the last comment they say “HIV” instead of AIDS. How many bigots or straight people would say that? I’m putting my money on it being a friend of Lances who is helping him stir up some free press.

  • george

    someone needs to tell rick santorum to stop bothering lance

  • DJ Veno

    @Rick: Good points indeed! Most people don’t say HIV, only aids. This is some bullshit, its even more bullshit that FB can’t find the person. They can’t even track a IP adress either?? PR, PR!

  • Codswallop

    50 bucks says it’s Reichen.

  • Fawkes

    Sounds like your average gay Republican.

  • Kev C

    @Rick: Besides, what women says “I want to stab you and play around with your blood”? That’s something a 16 year old boy might say. I wouldn’t take the threat too serious, but it should be reported and traced if possible.

  • Aric

    “50 bucks says it’s Reichen.”

    “Sounds like your average gay Republican.”

    “So did he suck Justin or not?”

    These responses are giving me L-I-F-E.

    The actual death threats had me on the floor.

    “Hi I’m lance bass and I’m a total faggot” LOL I just can’t deal.

  • Christopher Banks

    Real men put their real names and face pics when they’re talking to others… easy to send abuse from behind a wall.

  • Peter the Piolet

    @Kev C:

    “I want to stab you and play around with your blood” is a line from American Psycho.

  • MJ

    too bad this might not be real otherwise I’d be playing “Y U Mad”

  • m people

    Sounds like the Just Jared troll who comments homophobically on all gay related entertainer posts

  • rich m

    lance bass is so hot,and yes iam gay,and i will kill for him i love him lance bass that is, love u lance.

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