Is Homegrown Hunk The Fairest of Them All?

All American Guys Come In Every Color, Texture and Smell

Michael Downs likes all American guys. In fact, the St. Petersburg-based business man likes them so much, he founded an entire website around celebrating all American guys and their sweet, supple flesh: All American Guys! (Cue the Star-Spangled Banner)

Of course, not any old American guy qualifies as an All American Guy. No, no. There’s a strict rating system on what qualifies the different breeds, species and specimens of All American Guy. And within this cornucopia of continental cock, you’ll find the rare, beautiful, wholly patriotic “Homegrown Hunk”…

What qualifies a Homegrown Hunk? AGA expert Downs tells Tony Peregrin:

‘Homegrown Hunks’ are usually the type of guys who have an excellent physique and stay in shape but don’t ever realize they are ‘model material.’ They’ve heard people tell them they could model, but they usually just laugh off the suggestion or are modest about it. Those are the kinds of guys I like to work with, and I consider them true homegrown hunks.

The selection process no doubt gets tedious – Downs says they get hundreds of applicants each month. So, who shouldn’t apply? Well, ugly people, fat people, those with excessive tattoos, foreigners.

Speaking of foreigners, it seems the All American Guy may be America’s biggest export, next to waste. Says Downs,

Our fastest-growing market would be international viewers in general – those outside of the U.S.A. We recently released version six of the Web site, which focuses on showcasing a ‘new breed’ of models.

That All American Guy, always evolving.